Rock Star Status: the Top 5 Greatest Male Lead Singers

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There’s no doubt that a rock band isn't a great rock band without a great lead singer. They have voices that are incredibly distinguishable – capable of captivating an audience in concert or on the radio. The top 5 greatest (male) rock lead singers make fans feel like every song was written and performed just for them. These guys hold an audience with both their voices and their stage presence; they are the ultimate showmen and sex symbols that have led their bands to legendary status.
Rock Star Status: the Top 5 Greatest Male Lead Singers

2Mick Jagger - The Rolling Stones

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After The Beatles established themselves in America and the world over during the British Invasion, Jagger and The Rolling Stones came over, pushed the Fab Four aside, and took rock and roll to another level – and much of that had to do with Jagger. There may be no one in the history of rock and roll that has such a voice, influence, and overall stage persona as Jagger. Now an amazing 50 years later, Jagger still has plenty of swagger. The Stones continue to release albums and are constantly doing "Farewell Tours," so there's no telling when Jagger and his band mates will finally call it quits. Jagger and the Stones have released a ton of hits; some of the most memorable include "Start Me Up," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Angie," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," and "Honky Tonk Women."

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